Sermon: The Good Samarians

This is the audio (34:28, 31.9 MB) of a sermon delivered at First Presbyterian Church of Mount Holly, NJ on July 16 entitled, “The Good Samarians.” The primary text was 2 Chronicles 28:1-15, and the other readings were Luke 10:25-37 and Psalm 102:13-22. I was pleased to be able to share with the congregation that is sponsoring me for ordination. Corrie and I also sang one of her father’s songs, “I Will Wait.” Continue reading


Sermon: A Tale of Two Abijahs?

steeple[1]This is the audio (28:39, 26.2 MB) of a sermon delivered at First Presbyterian Church of Norristown on July 9 entitled, “A Tale of Two Kings.” The text is 2 Chronicles 13:1-14:1a. I was pleased to be able to give my friend, Pastor Peter Martin, a Sunday off on his birthday.

Here is an excerpt:

The Chronicler believed that YHWH God would continue to be faithful in his own time, centuries after Abijah cried out to YHWH that day. The Chronicler believed deeply that YHWH is the Creator and Sustainer who controls the world, that YHWH had chosen a special people despite their sinfulness, that YHWH would not leave his people without a priestly mediator or a rightous king from the line of David, and that YHWH would bring about reconciliation between broken fragments of humanity.

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