Essay: “When Nothing Arrives”

Rebekah has a great new piece at her blog, “The Doxological Life,” entitled, “When Nothing Arrives.” An excerpt:

“My generation knows it needs to find a different kind of knowing, not one that is necessarily antithetical to Christian dogma, but one that sees faith, doubt, and dogma working together. But we are often at a loss as to how to rebuild our faith without resorting to cookie-cutter answers and insincere platitudes in responses to real suffering and tough theological problems. We’re so scared of resorting to the unfettered dogmatism of our forebears that we go in the opposite direction. Uncertainty and doubt become their own kinds of dogmatism, their own creeds.”


Coming Soon…

The next two episodes of Out of Exile are scheduled to appear on May 5 and 19. Here’s a preview:

  • May 5: We discuss Benj’s dissertation on the tribe of Benjamin in the DtrH and Chronicles. The conversation wanders to the theological impact of the Babylonian Exile, and identity formation.
  • May 19: Sparked by Rebekah’s recent studies on Judges 17-18, we discuss these strange narratives (Micah, his personal priest, and the Danite migration) and their context in the book of Judges. The conversation moves to redaction criticism, the ethical ambiguity of some biblical narratives, and the puzzling "staying power" of certain traditions.

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